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Tayo Station is themed around the South Korean animated series (Tayo The Little Bus) that follows Tayo and his little bus friends who often discover new sights and go on exciting adventures every day in the big city. Tayo Station spans a massive 10,000-square-feet-space that integrates indoor playground attractions, edutainment area and sensory play space for young children from 1 to 12 years old. These include the Tayo’s Road Circuit, Poco’s Hinoki Play, and Gani’s Playground, and many more that is created to entertain while offering a healthy level of challenge for the kids to overcome.

Tayo Station
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Tayo's Road Circuit | Tayo Station

Tayo's Road Circuit
(Suitable for 18 months & above)
(No entry for parents except for those with children below 5)

Iconic to the animation series, Tayo’s Road Circuit is a creative child-sized street scene filled with fun spaces like the Garage, Wash n’ Go and Gas Pump Kiosk for the little ones to zip around and pretend play in mini manual rides. Here, kids will also get to learn various road signs and basic road safety rules, enabling them to better understand real-world scenarios in a fun and engaging environment.

Capacity limit of maximum 12 pax at any given time
Poco’s Hinoki Play | Tayo Station

Poco’s Hinoki Play
(Parental supervision required for children 3 & below)

An all-time popular favorite! Poco’s Hinoki Play presents a sensorial experience for the younglings to emulate sand play using freshly-imported Hinoki wood cubes from South Korea. These aromatic and clean cubes, besides widely known for their health and skin benefits, provides an uplifting mood with their scents for the kids to excavate, dig and play to their heart’s content.

Capacity limit of maximum 6 pax at any given time

Tayo's Bouncy Garage
This is a child only play zone
Suitable for 3 years and above

Jump to your heart's content in our Bouncy Garage and aim to touch the sky! A perfectly huge, inflatable Tayo's Garage for the little captain to have hours of endless fun jumping and sliding! Definitely, a dream come true for the little captain!

Capacity limit of maximum 6 kids at any given time
Gani’s Playground | Tayo Station

Gani’s Playground
(Parental supervision required for children 3 & below)

The ultimate challenge for kids yearning for a thrilling adventure, Gani’s Playground offers a fully equipped 3-storey play system with two long slides and plenty of physical obstacles. Here, kids pit their motor and agility skills against the challenges for a stimulating fun-filled day.

Capacity limit of maximum 25 pax at any given time
Lani’s and Rogi’s Party Rooms | Tayo Station

Lani’s and Rogi’s Party Rooms

Offering Tayo-themed rooms that can be tailored to suit the needs of families planning a special occasion for their young ones. Families organising a mega party can have the option of combining the two rooms into a larger event space, allowing them to throw a big party for occasions such as momentous birthday milestones.

Cliff Ball Pool | Tayo Station

Cliff Ball Pool
(Parental supervision required for children 3 & below)

Scale or Dive into the popular favorite - Cliff Ball Pool - a combination of mini rock climbing wall & a long ball pool that measures 10m by 2m. Screammmm before you fall!

Capacity limit of maximum 8 pax at any given time
Toddler Play | Tayo Station

Toddler Play
(Suitable for babies and toddlers up to 3 years old)

Families with younger kids can bring their little ones to the Toddler Zone specially designed to provide a safe and spacious area for toddlers and babies to crawl and tot around amidst colourful and fun murals as well as mini slides.

Rainbow Lounge | Tayo Station

Rainbow Lounge

All tuckered out? Take a lil' break at the Rainbow Lounge to catch up on the latest Tayo The Little Bus show

The Chill Zone | Tayo Station

The Chill Zone

We know how hard it can be to run around with your kids! Fret not, we've got you covered! The Chill Zone is equipped with a seating area and free Wi-Fi + a clear view of Tayo's Road Circuit. You can wave to your little one as they drive by!

Tayo’s Toy Store | Tayo Station

Tayo’s Toy Store

Ending off on a high, the Tayo's Toy Store presents a wide collection of Tayo The Little Bus merchandise and toys for children to take a piece of their favourite cartoon home.

Tayo's Road Circuit Poco's Hinoki Play Tayo's Bouncy Garage Gani's Playground Lani & Rogi's Party Rooms Cliff Ball Pool Toddler Play Rainbow Lounge The Chill Zone Tayo's Toy Store

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