Q1. Why are the play times set by sessions?
Session play is implemented to ensure extensive sanitisation between each play session so that all guests can play with peace of mind in a safe & clean environment.
Q2. What are my benefits as an Elite and Lite member?
All Elite Members:
• Enjoy $5 per visit; this includes one child with one adult
• 15% off merchandise for purchase in-store only
• 15% off dining in or take away at Loopy's Café
• 15% off parties and classes

All Lite Members:
• Enjoy 20% off subsequent visits; this includes 1 Adult 1 Child
• 10% off merchandise for purchase in-store only
• 10% off dining in or take away at Loopy's Café
• 10% off parties and classes
**Also applicable at Petite Tayo KidsClub
Q3. How can I book for my play session?
Bookings can be made here:
Pororo Park Singapore: booking.pororoparksg.com
Tayo Station: booking.tayostation.com
Petite Tayo KidsClub: WhatsApp at +65 8893 6465 (Messages only)
Q4. How do I know if there is availability on the Booking System website?
Only available timings will be indicated.
Q5. Can I make a reservation through the ticketing booth or call centre?
All reservations must be made online.
Q6. What if I am late for session
Your session will still end at the same timing & there will be no extension's
Q7. What if we did not pre-book?
You may enquire about the capacity limit of the session you are keen to join at the ticketing counter. Entry will be subjected to availability on a first come, first serve basis. Please note that each booking will be reserved for up to 20mins from the start of the session. Excess slots due to no-show will only be opened 20minutes after the beginning of the session.
Q8. How is your cleaning and sanitisation regime like?
Cleanliness and safety have always been of utmost importance. The play parks are extensively cleaned and sanitised daily after each session and at the end of the day. In addition, high touch surfaces will be sanitised hourly. Rides will also be sanitised after every use. We are proud to share that we are SG Clean Certified.
Q9. We have physical Pororo Park Singapore / Tayo Station tickets, do we still have to pre-book?
Yes, everyone should pre-book in advance. Physical tickets will be collected upon entry.
Q10. Is re-entry allowed during the play session?
Adults may re-enter if an accompanying adult is looking after your child
Q11. Can I bring in outside food and drinks into Tayo Station Singapore?
No, outside food and drinks are not allowed. Food and Drinks are available. You may now pre-order your meal when purchasing your tickets.
Q12. Do I need to wear masks during play?
From 29 August 2022, mask-wearing in indoor settings will be optional. However, we still encourage guests to keep your masks on.
Q13. Is contactless payment available in the parks?
Yes, contactless payment is available at most locations. Please approach our staff at the point of purchase for assistance.